Family Activities

At the Beach

Family Having Fun On Beach

There’s nothing like spending the day at the beach with the kids. Swimming, beach ball and buildings and castles create lasting family memories. But changing the little ones from their wet, sand caked swimsuits into clean, dry clothes can often be a stressful task. Ever try changing a squirmy toddler while trying to hold up a towel to keep them out of public view? It’s next to impossible and can sometime lead to sudden, loud outbursts from independence-seeking tots.

Bumm Wrap quick-change ponchos are a lifesaver. They give you the privacy you want but allow the kids to change quickly, easily, struggle free…often with no help from Mom! Plus, the plush, absorbent fabric makes them great for keeping warm and snugly after a cool swim or as the day turns chilly. Keep one in the car for any time your kids need a quick change.


Festivals are awesome – music,art, food… whatever the celebration! Exploring the exhibits, dancing to music,even a pick-up game of Frisbee in the hot summer sun is a great way to spend a whole day with friends. But after baking in the heat all day, by about 7 o’clock, you not only want to change into something warmer, but something fresh and clean too. Changing in one of those cramped, dirty provided Port-a-Potties is definitely not an option. Trying to change under a beach towel or in the back-seat of a car can easily turn into an awkward moment or even a full blown peep-show!

With Bumm Wrap, a quick change into evening clothes is just that. Their change towels are roomy enough to maneuver in and out of any outfit… and, no chance of those embarrassing peep-shows! Bumm Wraps are perfect for any on-the-go, outdoor activities.

Girls at music festival

Beach/Bonfire Party

Friends at a beach bonfire

Hitting the beach with friends for swimming, playing beach volleyball, or even just lazing around soaking up the rays is always a blast. But possibly the best part of the day,is actually the bonfire at night. Yet sometimes, no matter the size of the fire,the breeze off the water can leave you feeling chilly. And wearing jeans over a bathing suit is rarely comfortable. Sure, you can have a boyfriend or pal holdup a towel while you change into something warm and comfortable, but that situation usually makes you feel awkward and self-conscious.

Bumm Wrap quick-change ponchos turn you into a quick-change artist. A simple slip over your head and you’re out of your swimsuit and into jeans and a sweatshirt. Plus, because they’re so warm and lush, they are great for when you want to be really cozy. Bumm Wraps are ideal for any beach party, camping trip or any adventure in the great outdoors!

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