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group of runners

There’s a great feeling that comes from the rush of being out on the trail or hitting the pavement for a run. As your legs carry you forward with each stride, it’s easy to get lost in that feeling. But life awaits after the finish line and the last thing you want to do is get tripped up by some real-world concerns.

That’s why after giving it your all during a run, it’s great to know that Bumm Wrap has you covered. Not only does the poncho towel offer a source of warmth at the end of training or a race, it allows for a discrete way of getting out of your running gear. This means no heading home to change, but instead simply drying off, switching clothes with privacy and carrying on with your day thanks to Bumm Wrap.


Being on a bike brings a real sense of freedom for many people. You can hop on and head out whenever you like, and whether it’s to commute from home to work, for fitness or to compete in a rally, as your feet get pumping so does your heart. Nobody wants to come crashing down at the end by scrambling to find a place to change.

Bumm Wrap offers a unique solution by being easy to throw into a saddlebag and transform anywhere into your personal changing area. Its absorbent material will help you dry off and freshen up and its secure fasteners ensure that you can transition into work clothes or any other outfit in total privacy. Regardless of the weather, if you work up a sweat from the sun or get caught in a rainstorm, this towel will help you face the elements .Easily washable and anti-fungal, a Bumm Wrap changing towel is a valuable part of any bike kit.

Mountain Bikers out for a ride

Extreme Sports

Tough Mudder

It’s exhilarating to push yourself to your limits with extreme sport challenges. As you face the many obstacles, you find strength you didn’t even know you had. Trekking through mud, through water and sand, your focus is on not giving up and making it past that last test. But then what?

While appearances may not count at all during the course, you do want to look like a champion after it’s over. And regardless how tough you might be, a cold outdoor shower is probably not top of your list for prizes. A Bumm Wrap poncho or towel can be your perfect solider-in-arms by allowing you to dry off, wipe away traces of the course and change back into “civilian” gear without revealing your secret weapons. And just like you, it’s strong and durable so that you can reuse it time and time again. Make sure Bumm Wrap is part of your arsenal for your next extreme challenge.

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