Poncho Towel


Bumm Wrap® Poncho Towel

Stay completely covered, warm and dry while changing clothes anywhere. Cut with room to move this poncho towel eliminates all risk of exposure while changing into anything from a one-piece swimsuit to a full size wet suit.

Soft, warm and luxurious our custom made terry cloth poncho is one-third renewable bamboo and two-thirds premium cotton. Identical to other high-quality bath towel, beach towel and bathrobe products our fabric is absorbent, anit-fungal, durable, soft to the touch and easy to wash.

Unique Features and Benefits

  • 100% complete coverage from start to finish while changing.
  • Loosely cut arm holes make it easy to pull your arms “inside” for access and warmth.
  • Full-length sleeves fall to the sides covering arm holes and eliminating exposure.
  • Room to move with full range of motion to reach around behind your back.
  • 38% Renewable bamboo thread, 62% premium cotton thread
  • Soft warm absorbent custom double loop terry cloth jacquard

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Warm and comfortable with complete coverage top and bottom.

How to use change any where with a change poncho

Easy to put on

Just like your favorite sweatshirt start at the bottom, work your arms through, gather from the hemline and duck your head under.

Access to your clothes

Overlapping front and back panels make it easy to reach “inside” your poncho to get a hold of buttons, fasteners and snaps.

Complete coverage all the time.

The drop hip means continuous coverage from your shoulder to “below” your hips. We have eliminated the risk of exposure and provide 100% coverage. All the time.

Room to move and “ZERO” risk of exposure.

Room to move and

Pull your arms “inside”

Loosely cut arm holes make it easy to pull your arms “inside” for access and warmth.

Under cover while you’re changing

Full-length sleeves fall to the side covering the arm holes and eliminating all risk of exposure.

Cut with room-to-move enjoy a full range of motion. Reach behind your back for a bikini strap or slide that one-piece strap off shoulder without having to worry about exposure.

Move with Confidence

When you’re naked underneath this poncho towel keeps you completely covered 100% of the time.

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