Water Sports

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Scuba Diving

Divers returning to the beach

California is a great place to explore underwater mysteries. When scuba diving off the coast, it’s always an adventure. The days are beautiful it’s great to go for a dive, but the warm weather turns cold after a few hours. When you finish a dive, you want to be able to change quickly and keep warm, that’s when you use the Bumm Wrap Poncho Towel.

Even if it’s a bit windy, and the sun is going down, the Poncho Towel keeps you warm under its large and luxurious fabric. It’s simple to slip on over your gear; it keeps you covered and discreet as you change. The Bumm Wrap Poncho Towel is the perfect dive companion.


Sailing is one of best things to do on weekends. The whole family packs up, for a weekend trip around the peninsula, but sometimes forgets a change of clothes. Bumm Wrap makes it easy for you to cover up and keep the little ones warm.

The soft fabric, and it’s great design, make it easy to pull over clothes or gear you may have on. Kids love it after a long day to wrap up and enjoy the view of the sunset. When sailing, you have to have a Bumm Wrap poncho with you just in case the seas get chilly.

Family Boating


Boy at a swim meet

After pulling a three hour training session at the beach, or finishing an ironman triathlon, the Bumm Wrap change towel makes it easy to switch from trunks to a suit in no time. It’s difficult when the beach is packed with spectators to finish a relay swim and have to line up for the change rooms with a suit in hand. Instead, throw a change towel on, and it keeps you warm and dry as you make a fast switch from athlete to executive.

It also keeps you modest so fellow swimmers don’t get distracted by exposing too much. It’s modest, modern, and really solves the problem of awkward changes at the beach. Throw your Bumm Wrap in your bag and a spontaneous trip to the beach is made easy.

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